Friday, 20 January 2012

Tiff McGinnis : Grande Dame

Presenting the first in a series of Q&A sessions to introduce the artists contributing to Stripped.

What kind of art do you usually do?

Hyper color animations that turn into pop art prints.

When did you first start reading comics?

when I was little I read Archie, Casper The Ghost  & Ritchie Rich, ooh I was in Love with him!

What is your most treasured comicbook?

I used to have a 1969 Timothy Leary  Signs of The Zodiac on Zapp Comics, but stupidly I sold it when I was skint...

(the nearest I could find to Tiff's description is image: Timothy Leary's Neurocomics, Last Gasp, 1979)

Do you consider yourself a fan of 'pop art'?

God Yes!  

What is the best bit of a comic book for you (the characters, story, covers, paper stock, the smell etc..)?

I really love looking at old vintage comics, Strange Mysteries, Eerie etc... Def the cover is the most appealing to me, but I also love the old ads, esp Sea Monkeys... Love them so much! I wanted to run away and live with them. Best design ever, of course then you got them and they were total crap! Didn't look like the picture at all... Little shrimp crabs... Major disappointment for me.

Have you ever dressed up as a comic character?

Can't say I have... But I have dressed up and performed as Ms Pac Man... twice... I was soo obsessed with her when I was little!

Have you ever made a comicbook? (obviously some of you are pros in the industry but I'm thinking more handmade/self published fanzine type stuff)

Not yet, but it's on my to do list!!

Do you have any other comic related memories you'd like to share?

Ron Turner, owner of Last Gasp comics, took me as his date to Eddy Fisher's (Ex of Liz Taylor & Debbie Reynolds)  memorial service, year before last. It was held at this crazy mansion in San Francisco, with a Calder sculpture garden that played "It's a Small World" as soon as you walked on the pathway, an indoor pool, surrounded by anatomical medical sculptures of unborn fetus's, and a nazi museum in the basement. Pretty surreal! 

If you are in London don't miss this exciting show!

Animations, Original Prints, Ceramics and Lights will be on display from March 5th to April 27th, with a special opening reception March 8th.

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  1. actually, they were more like fleas, not shrimp crabs.. still mad about that! ha ha!