Wednesday, 22 February 2017

2000AD 'Outer Limits' panel discussion.

I'm proud to report that the panel I hosted at the 2000AD 40 Years Of Thrill Power convention.
Has gone live on the 2000AD YouTube channel.
Here I am discussing storytelling from the outer limits with Peter Milligan and Robbie Morrison.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Muties And Perps

40 years ago this week Prog #1 of 2000AD hit the newsagents of the UK. Launching the week before my 10th birthday I was right in their target age group and was an avid devotee from the start.
As such I am happy and proud to have been invited to take part in their anniversary celebrations.

On Sunday Feb 5th we opened up the birthday week proceedings with a special Art Model Collective life drawing session at Bethnal Green’s Resistance Gallery titled ‘Muties & Perps’. I introduced the event and styled the models Manko and Carla to resemble the mutated denizens (“muties”) of the post-apoclyptic wasteland the Cursed Earth, and the criminal citizens (“perps”) of Judge Dredd’s futuropolis Mega City 1. 

In my introduction I mentioned how 2000AD had influenced my personal style, and how we can use life drawing, props and costumes to enhance comic illustration. 
This session was split into 2 halves. 
Part 1: The Cursed Earth. Our models evoke the deformed denizens of the rad-lands: sporting signature mutations, such as a third arm or pig nose, dressed using the incongruous remnants of the pre-nuke civilisation. 

Part 2: Mega City One. Manko appears as a fad obsessed street 'Spug'. Carla a 'Jimp' or Judge impersonator. Both attempt to 'tap' the other in a deserted underzoom ped-way.