Friday, 15 February 2013

Mike Diana at Orbital!

If you are in the West End of London between now & March 14th be sure not to miss this exciting exhibition at Orbital Comics.
Grab this rare chance to viddy & indeed purchase original artwork of the notorious Mike Diana!
It is a most joyous and graphic celebration filled with gleeful gloriousness and gloriousity of exploding stars and bloody stumps, bugmen, balloons, bunnies, ponies, crazy cats and crack babies! 

Hear Mike tell his story on The Orbiting Pod
(The state of Florida ended up bulldozing his family home to stop him drawing his comics!)

pics by Manko

Mike Diana, America In London. Opened on Feb 14th & runs until Mar 14th 2013 
Artwork comes courtesy of Diana's UK publisher, the Deptford based Divus.