Thursday, 5 January 2012


Are you an artist hooked on comic books? If so get in touch we are now looking for contributors to Stripped, there are 3 tiers of involvement.

1, This blog is now open to submission, if you have any work which demonstrates what it is you love about comics please send it in. 
We are also interested in any old photos you might have of people reading comics, dressing up as favourite characters etc..

2, The Stripped exhibition will open at the Orbital Gallery on March 1st 2012 and will run for one month.
Featured artists have now been selected, artist list coming soon...
However, we still need more contributors for our mail art section....

3, This is open to everyone,  
Work in any media is fine as long as your work fits the criteria of "What I love about comics" & fits on one side of a postcard.
In the 'lucky dip' tradition of postcard shows cards will be displayed without artist details and priced at £20* each (regardless of fame or skill level), unfortunately may will be unable to return unsold cards. 

Send your work on one side of a postcard to:
Stripped Show c/o Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport St, London, WC2H, UK
(please include you name & email address on the reverse)

Deadline: cards must reach Orbital by Feb 25th

For further details about any of this please contact
*the gallery cut is 30%

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