Sunday, 22 January 2012

Molly Crabapple

Here's The next of our Stripped featured artist blog entries, presenting from NYC Dr Sketchy's founder Molly Crabapple!

For Stripped Molly will be exhibiting hand altered photographic prints, created in collaboration with Najva Sol.

What kind of art do you usually do?

I've worked in a variety of mediums- everything from comic books to parade installations to giant murals at depraved nightclubs that make fun of the British upper class.  My work tends to be glittery, snarky and subversive, but I don't like putting my art into boxes.

When did you first start reading comics?

When I was 7, the cool older goth girl at camp showed me the Sandman.  Brain = changed.

What is your most treasured comicbook?

Joan Sfar's Le Chat du Rabbin 

Do you consider yourself a fan of 'pop art'?

When it's good, hell yeah

What is the best bit of a comic book for you (the characters, story, covers, paper stock, the smell etc..)?

I love ink lines on old, faded, fucked up paper.  It softens them, gives them a depth and gravitas.  Also the scammy ads in the back

Have you ever dressed up as a comic character?


Have you ever made a comicbook?

I've released a graphic novel with Fugu Press and a digital graphic novel with DC, but I also hand bound a comic book making fun of the greek philosophers.  There were papyrus covers!

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