Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dennis Franklin

Continuing our series of Q&A sessions with featured artists we present Dennis Franklin.
Dennis works in the movies and was part of the art department on films such as "The Wrestler" & "The House of the Devil".

A contributor to two previous exhibitions at Orbital, "Hail To The King!" & "Magick Eye, Dennis' work combined images of horror and demonology with the comic book mythos of Marvel comics.

A Demonic triptych at Orbital's 'Magick Eye' show

What kind of art do you usually do?

The kind of art your mother warned you about.

When did you first start reading comics?

 My earliest comic memory was when my cousin relented and purchased this copy of Detective comics I wouldn't release from my grip. I still have it, it was a strange edition that was the size of a paperback. It has some saucy Batgirl in bondage panels. I was 4 when I caught the fever.

 At the moment I would say my most treasured comic is my copy of Eerie #2. The Frazetta cover gives me wood and the stories are perfect for the black of night. 

Do you consider yourself a fan of 'pop art'?

I would say I am a Pop fanatic. Especially the work of James Rosenquist, beastly executions on a grand scale. Certain Lichtensteins are still a wonder to behold and Andy Warhol's bullet riddled and stitched torso is a current obsession of mine. Thank you Richard Avedon for photographing this national treasure.

 What is the best bit of a comic book for you (the characters, story, covers, paper stock, the smell etc..)?

I think my favorite comics' element is style in general. From Kirby to Wrightston, Scienkewicz to Tim Vigil, all of these great artists continue to mesmerize me with their unique interpretations of the medium . That is the reason I read Dave Sims' Glamourpuss because it is a dissection of style. At the moment Glamourpuss is my favorite modern title.  Covers grab me, stories engulf me but the inkslingers and pencilpowerhouses keep me coming back for more. 

 Have you ever dressed up as a comic character?

I dressed up as Cheese from Milk & Cheese once. The cops are still looking for me. My ex was dressed as Milk. We took no prisoners and made the world our bitch, for one special mayhem saturated evening.  Cardboard at its deadliest.

Dennis' birthday is Halloween, what a lucky boy!!!

Have you ever made a comicbook?

I've contributed my skills to a few group anthologies. Paul Lyon's MONSTER was the latest and greatest. My pages had no narrative storyline just blasphlegmy and Norse related gore.

Dennis Franklin double page spread in Monster.

Do you have any other comic related memories you'd like to share?

Comics have provided me with years of enjoyment and inspiration. I thank the creators, retailers and publishers for stimulating my imagination, and teaching me what they never could in school. Happiness is a warm comic. Turn the page. Support your local comic book store. 

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  1. Grazie Mr. Atomic. Your talents never cease to amaze me!