Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Savage Pencil X Stussy

One of the highlights for me at Savage Pencil's 'Freek Meet' opening, at Into You Tattoo, was the chance to finally get hold of one of these awesome, and long sold out, t- shirts.

Back in the summer of 2009 Savage Pencil teamed up with Stussy to create a couple of designs.

Stussy have a long tradition of collaboration with artists but with "Super Fly" Savage Pencil decided to push the envelope...

His inspiration, he said, was to create a shirt in the style of the old Marvel “Here Comes The Incredible Hulk"... “There Goes the Incredible Hulk” shirts, where the back of the shirt shows the back view of the design on the front.  

Here comes Super Fly!

There goes Super Fly!

In a perverse twist Sav chose to have 'Fly' written backwards on the front and 'Super' backwards on the back to enhance the criss cross effect.

But he wasn't content to leave it there and expanded the concept to reference the work of, notorious plagiarist, & so-called "YBA" Damien Hirst.

This is where things get clever... in what is probably a first in the realm of wearable art, the inside front and back of the shirt, show the inside front and back cross sections of the Super Fly character.

What's inside a Fly?

To top things off a 5th screen is used for a gorgeous little Savage Pencil/Stussy eyeball signature motif on the sleeve. 

All in all this beautiful shirts is an exceptional landmark in  the history of pop culture combining, comix, fashion, art, satire... not to mention music, take it away Curtis!

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  1. amazing all the way ...I covet one of these garments