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Marvel Comics X The Process Church Of The Final Judgement

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Process X Marvel by Jason Atomic

This blog is produced as a Team-Up between Satanic Mojo & Comixstripped blogs and concerns the connection between The DeGrimston's Process Church Of The Final Judgement and Stan Lee's Marvel Comics.

Timothy Wyllie, describes meeting Stan 'The Man' Lee at Marvel Comics HQ. 
He and an associate were "welcomed by him much as if two of his caped crusaders had muscled into the room." 

This tale is repeated by Sean Howe in his "Marvel Comics The Untold Story"
“The phone calls from drug-addled Doctor Strange fans gave way to weirder visits, like the appearance at 635 Madison Avenue of two members of the Process Church. As usual, Lee was gracious, and if he had any discomfort when he figured out his guests praised both Jesus Christ and Satan, he masked it well. “He was predictably thrilled by our garb,” the Process Church’s Timothy Wylie remembered, “and, if I remember rightly, listened intently to our spiel about the reconciliation of opposites. He was both intelligent and funny and kindly agreed for us to use some Marvel material in one of our magazine cartoon pastiches.”

They did indeed use Marvel material the X-Men in the "Sex" issue and Hulk in "Fear"

Several Marvel characters appear in this illustration from "What Is The Process", the title of which itself shows quite a Marvel Comics influence. This feature also contains several original Process cartoon illustrations.

The Secret Fear Of The Incredible Hulk, features Herb Trimpe illustrations and re-written speech bubbles.

This strip is most likely derived from The Incredible Hulk #115. 

The Process kept in touch with Stan Lee and, in Aug '72, Mother Flavia contacted him with a series of questions about Death, questions he answered though the mouths of his characters.

Here are Smilin' Stan's answers from the 'Death' issue of Process magazine (which also featured original content from a host of celeb names including Salvador Dali and Charles Manson!)

All magazine page scans have been taken from "PROPAGANDA AND HOLY WRIT OF THE PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGMENT", Feral House 

In his book "Satan's Power: Deviant Psychotherapy CultWilliam Sims Bainbridge also remarks upon the proliferation of Marvelites amongst the Processean ranks. 

For example, In relation to Sacred Names he tells us:
“From the moment of receiving his new Sacred Name, each Messenger cultivated a distinctive personality.  They wanted to be superheroes. They delighted in the similarity between themselves and the superheroes portrayed in Marvel Comics. “

He goes on to describe having observed young Processeans reading, Thor, Spider-Man and The Avengers, commenting further that they took these tales very seriously keeping up with the news from this magical 4-color world rather than the grey one depicted in Time or Newsweek.

See the scan below for further detail 
note: Bainbridge call the Process by the code-name “Power”, in the same book he refers to Scientology as "Technianity"

The card mentioned was part of the highly prized “Third Eye” Marvel comics series 
(Third Eye produced some of the most sought after Black Light posters of the time)

card images stolen from: Vintage Trader
So Be It!

Jason Atomic's illustration "The Processean" at the top of this article borrows it's layout from the (now public domain) Golden Age title "Adventures Into The Unknown" #15. "The Apocalyptic imagery seemed appropriate" he said.


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