Saturday, 31 March 2012

Webstore open!

The Stripped exhibition will come down this weekend, April 1st.
However this blog will continue to operate, bringing news of comic related art and shows.

The work from Stripped will still be available from Orbital comics for a limited period, the first batch has been posted in the Orbital webstore revealing at last the names of our postcard art contributors.

Prices start at £20 for the Stripped postcards which feature original paintings, illustrations, collages, prints and more by the likes of Len Bellinger, Triclops Studios, Jason Atomic, Tiff McGinnis, Henry Hate, Dennis Franklin & more....

(If you are interested in something not posted contact

In case you missed the chance to see Stripped in person here are a few works that we haven't featured here yet...

First up a couple of pages produced by Garry Leach for Penthouse Comics in 2001 when he was standing in for Archie comics legend Dan DeCarlo. 
(scroll down to bottom of post for NSFW uncensored versions)

Another contributor who, like Garry is known for his work on 'The Galaxy's Greatest Comic', 2000ad. Is Edmund Bagwell who brought his Kirby inspired brand of cosmic comic art. Edmund submitted both the original line art and a digitally coloured print version of his 'Blue Man' as well as a batch of ink sketch postcards.

Next up we have Beatrice Schleyer's anti-heroes colection. Wolverine, Tetsuo, Elektra and Dark Phoenix. All acrylic on canvas photo prints.

Our next couple of posts will take a closer look at the work of 'Monster' artists Lyons & Franklin, and the anthropological researches of Mark Wigan...

And finally as promised above, those Garry Leach pages in all their unfettered naked splendour....

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