Saturday, 3 March 2012

Stripped blog-a-thon.

Following the Stripped opening on Thursday evening there's been something of a blog-a-thon kicking off between David Hine and Steve Cook, how could I resist joining in the fun?

Steve Cook, mentioned in the East End Life (our local newspaper) above, shot Manko (along with the view from our window) as the Black Widow for Stripped.

Here they are together at the opening. Manko as well as being a sensational model is also the editor of my pornographic scrapbook "One Honey Of An O" which caught the eye of mr David Hine who snapped up a copy and reviewed it on his blog "Waiting For Trade" not one to miss a trick he got us to deface our obscene publication with Sharpies, snapped here by mr Cook.

More pix on the way same Stripped time same Stripped channel...

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