Thursday, 12 March 2015

Moore from The Underground

In a recent post we looked at a 4 page underground strip written and illustrated by Alan Moore (as Kurt Vile) for Sounds music paper in 1982.

In this follow up feature I'd like to share a couple more Moore strips.

Firstly another Vile 'Axel Pressbutton' strip, this time from Warrior magazine. 

This strip originally appeared in Sounds magazine (though presumably without the Steve Dillon illustration from Warrior #1)

For a bit of background on the character, here's the Pressbutton feature from Warrior #2

To follow up this psychedelic trip is from the, sadly missed, UK underground anthology
Heartbreak Hotel #3.
The strip adapts the song 'I Can Hear the Grass Grow' by The Move with each panel seamlessly flowincluding into the next, including the last panel joining the first. 
This technique was also employed by Shaky Kane in his epic Monster Truck 
(a fore-runner to his work on Bulletproof Coffin)

Why not clip play on the song and read along with Alan.....


This issue also feature a double page article about the art project 'Technotribe' I was involved in, it was due to be published by Heartbreak Hotel with, on the suggestion of Moore, our script rewritten by Dick Foreman. Sadly the untimely passing of publisher Don Melia put an end to Heartbreak Hotel and their tabloid spin-off 'Blam!'.
A rewritten version of chapter 1 featured in 'Superculture Classics vol 2.'
The tale in it's entirety never saw the light of day.

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  1. While I believe you're right that "Christmas on Depravity" got reprinted in Warrior, it's originally from Sounds.