Thursday, 1 November 2012

Magick Eye2 Halloween Hullabaloo!

Halloween marked the official launch of the Magick Eye 2 exhibition at Orbital Comics. Attending were a motley crew of artists, both fine and comics industry professionals alongside a variety of punks, freaks and ghouls.

Manko is a bear! in this case she's channelling Gloomy!

Spaceman Spizz and The Bearded Atomic Skull!

Betty Ross Red She Hulk.

Bane guards the artworks.

The exhibition runs at Orbital Comics until Nov 18th 2012

Roll call & artist's links:

Jason Atomic
Gaye Black
Billy Chainsaw
Steve Cook
Rufus Dayglo
Gary Erskine
Dennis Franklin
Rian Huges
Graham Humphreys
Rockin' JellyBean
Shaky Kane

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