Thursday, 25 October 2012

Magick Eye 2: The Art.

As promised in our previous Magick Eye post here are some more pictures focusing on some of the artwork that might not have been terribly visible behind all the hustle and bustle of the prevue night.
Also there is now a selection of books & comics by featured artists available.

Shaky Kane "Lady Fate" (original)

Shaky Kane "Lady Fate" (print)

Jason Atomic "Wonder Woman Mash-up"

Matt Valentine "Jayne Mansfield Assaulted By St Anthony's Demons"

Satanic Mojo"The High Priestess"

Rian Hughes "Maxim Devil Girls" & "The Masks Of Cupid"

Carl Stimpson "AAAR!" & a classic Bill Ward illustration

Bill Ward

Bill Ward & Rockin' JellyBean "Escape From Women's Prison"

Graham Humphreys, Garry Leach 
& Dennis Franklin's "The Devil's Breast Milk Will Always Quench Your Thirst"

"Too Late"

Tom Spencer "Candy Skull"

Steve Cook & Rian Hughes

Steve Cook blogged about the prevue p.v. on his Secret Oranges blog

The exhibition runs at Orbital Comics until Nov 18th 2012

Roll call & artist's links:

Jason Atomic
Gaye Black
Billy Chainsaw
Steve Cook
Rufus Dayglo
Gary Erskine
Dennis Franklin
Rian Huges
Graham Humphreys
Rockin' JellyBean
Shaky Kane

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