Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Illustrated Ape magazine

Art directed by 'Stripped' curator Jason Atomic & Honey Manko the new issue of The Illustrated Ape magazine is currently in production.

Not seen since the collapse of Borders bookshop, Ape returns this year as a limited edition, small-press publication and will launch with an exhibition at Orbital Comics in the first week of Dec 2012.

The magazine will come in a printed paper bag and will be accompanied by a 24 track CD "Torchsongs & Fire Hoses" written and performed by Christian David with music composed by Noko (of Apollo 440, Luxuria and Magazine fame).

Ape will be printed with old-fashioned stencil duplicator technology in black and red on white,
 at Hurst Street Studios (which print Radiohead's limited edition record sleeves). 

Printing in 2 colours on this machine requires that 2 separate pieces of artwork be created for each page and that each page to be fed through the machine twice.

Scott Jason Smith

This gives the pages a delightfully nostalgic slightly off-register effect. 

Akiko Miura
The majority of the magazine will be a comic section, with each track of "Torchsongs & Fire Hoses" illustrated by a different artist from a variety of disciplines (fine art, comix, fashion, music, tattoo etc..) 

Jack Mclean

Contributing artists:

"Torchsong & Fire Hoses" comix section:

Regular features & stories:

Contents, Akiko Miura
Celebrity Deathflash, Dennis Franklin
Hector G,
Offspring, Henry Hate 
Horoscopes, Dame Darcy
Poem by Haruko Haga illustrated by  Jason Atomic
9.54 by John Cooper Charles illustrated by Alice Dyba 
"Midnight" by Ian Armer, illustrations by Karina Akopyan
"Two Little Boys" by Christian David, Charles Cutting
Flow charts, Paul Davis

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