Monday, 6 February 2012

Henry Hate

Presenting tattooist to the stars, mr Henry Hate of Prick Tattoo,386 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT. 

Henry's graceful inks have graced the hides of Alexander McQueen, Aimee Winehouse, Pete Doherty, Boy George, Franko B, Jodie Harsh, Atomic muse Honey Manko and many more...

What kind of art do you usually do?

I tend to draw inspiration from everything around me or my opinions at the moment. I am fascinated with taboos and erotica since seeing Lita and The Swan at 5 years old. It's a hodge podge of crap tv, cartoons and popular culture. In short I was a latch key kid growing up,

When did you first start reading comics? 

Very late really. I thought comics were for dorks. It wasn't till I was in my twenties that a friend gave me a graphic novel from Japan that was all sex and violence, I was swayed then.

What is your most treasured comicbook?

 Probably My X-men hard bound Graphic encyclopaedia that really belongs to my partner, as I use it for reference in tattooing alot, and my Kiss comic printed with real Kiss blood.

Do you consider yourself a fan of 'pop art'?

 Well I have to say yes cause Warhol and the underground movement made me really stand up and take notice. It's when music, art, and style collided. It encompassed a lifestyle whoever messy, it was still all so glamourous to a kid of 15 from Orange County California.

What is the best bit of a comic book for you (the characters, story, covers, paper stock, the smell etc..)?

 I always liked the popup ads and the crap and gadgets they used to sell. They are very similar to sex ads. Either way the all seemed like fun and I wanted to have the, all. especially the Sea Monkey's. Beause of sea monkeys, all tranny with bad facelifts tend to look like sea monkeys to me know.

Have you ever dressed up as a comic character? 

Wonder Woman, but I did dress up as Ace Freehly as he was my favourite and so animated in the comic books.

Have you ever made a comicbook? (obviously some of you are pros in the industry but I'm thinking more handmade/self published fanzine type stuff)

I used to draw more erotic stories based on Tom Of Finland.

Tom Of Finland

Do you have any other comic related memories you'd like to share? 

Only one, girl walks into a comic book store topless, have you heard it before?

Shonen Knife gig poster by Henry Hate

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